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Meet Koady, the creator and facilitator of Breathwork Bootcamp.

Koady is passionate about optimal health and helping others to show up as their best self. She spent much of her youth playing high level team sports and eventually went into the world of fitness.

She enrolled in Yoga Teacher training, where she was introduced to the world of inner work and deep breathing.

Now, Koady knows the importance of the breath as a foundation to health, a daily practice to check in with herself, and the value of a full come so that she can help others like yourself fill yours!

His passion to see her community feel connected to their body and thrive in their life is unparalleled and inspiring. Those who have worked with Koady know that she doubles as a mentor and a friend.

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The Breathwork Bootcamp was created out of the desire to help as many people as possible develop into grounded, resilient, and more powerful versions of themselves. We want to help you maintain peak performance and get you to the next level of life. Ensuring that our members have a strong understanding on the importance of a "work in" along side their workouts! A strong foundation is key to seeing progress in all areas including your fitness journey! 

In the Breathwork Bootcamp Membership, you will learn how to ground yourself, develop a better breathing pattern, tone your pelvic floor, as well as increase your willpower. Each drill & exercise includes a somatic link to connect with the energetic body. 

Included will be: 

  • Integrative breathwork session -Intuitive theme based off the group's energy.

  • Educational powerpoint with implementable homework + practices

  • Open share with Q&A 

The session replay will be sent to your email if you are unable to attend live. 

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My breath work experience with Koady was amazing. I did a 1-1 session that lasted about an hour and I felt completely refreshed after. She prompted me with questions during each technique that stimulated self reflection. I really had to focus on each body part and each section of the spine as we moved up the back. Afterwards I felt reduced muscle tension in ribs and shoulders. I noticed I could breath a little deeper as the session went on. I am familiar with meditation but this breath work session was a whole different experience! Great for individuals, couples, or groups! Highly recommend!

Dr. Kyle Aram [Chiropractor]

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The breathing exercises helped me really be in tune with my body and hear the signals it was giving me. It helped me let go of stress and worry and just be in the present moment and focus on me.

MJ Renaud [Athlete]

Elegant Female

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