Holistic Integration

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Hey you, distractedly munching on that chocolate... demolishing the whole box of celebration cookies... sour cream and onion chips? Not for long!

We all have our fair share of bad habits but have you ever wondered how these habits come to be? The fact is they probably started long before you can even remember why, deeply rooted in your thought patterns. Have you ever challenged why you think the way you do?

If you haven't are you scared of what you might find?

If you are a picky eater or put anything in your mouth considered digestible, or not should I say...listen up! This is the key to your health!

Every choice you make can impact you!

Every bite you take becomes a part of your physiology!

Everyday you sit develops your posture!

Every thought that supports your subconscious beliefs, creates the web of thoughts you believe to ring true. Each thought building on the next making the synaptic connection stronger. We need to switch these thoughts, in the moment, by becoming the observer of them. Your whole life you have been strengthening habits that are either supporting you or dragging you down.

⟴Mindset should be the first thing you tackle when beginning your Journey. Everything will follow once you you master your mind.

Each day we have over 3 opportunities to decide what we fuel our bodies with. Each glob of ingredients that enters your stomach gets broken down into elements (also known as chemical reactions) that have many jobs. These are the building blocks of your body, down to the cellular level. Without these elements - no work gets done or it gets done poorly. We begin to operate inefficiently and at a disadvantage. Not only do you need to have these elements to keep your body running but they need to be of proper quality. A vegetable picked from a home garden, where the soil was nourished has more value than one from a mono-crop flown over seas. Sometimes what you think is "healthy" isn't actually so do your research or consult a holistic nutritionist!

The damaging part about nutrition is the controversial hype. Each concerning question asked is usually answered with it depends.. and it does! For certain, without the right kind of fats in your diet, your nervous system communication will break down. You need fat in your diet. Carbohydrates have their place in the diet but fast releasing ones should take no part in your diet unless you're an endurance athlete. Slow releasing carbohydrates are beneficial. Protein may help you build muscle but consider if it was raised from a cow that ate an appropriate diet and had limited stress hormone present through its life.

Fitness is popular these days... but why is everyone training for a superhero movie? We will do much more for our bodies and make more difference by training for life! Taking practical movements and awareness of the body into each and every moment. Balanced posture and steady activity throughout the day will help you to achieve a healthy body. Focusing on building a functional butt rather than a bigger one. How can you move more efficiently? By training our functional movement patterns and mobility. Trust me, you don't need to be superwoman everyday! Check in with yourself & see what your body is capable of or willing to do today. Stress & menstruation can hugely impact energy and if hormonal fluctuations are not respected can actually set you back in your progress. For woman each day may be different due to our cyclical nature, honour yourself!

Each person has their own window of tolerance nutritionally, structurally and mentally. This will determine how they feel the effects of how they have been treating their bodies. My hope is that we all find what works for us as we know ourselves and what works for us better than anyone else. Sometimes we don't even know something may be causing a problem until you fall on your ass. Try new things but it is also easy to go overboard when jumping on this train Modalities for each person should be chosen by the individual, in alignment with their needs and morals. Empower yourself to take your health and wellbeing into your own hands. Only you know what is best for you!

These are the topics we need to start questioning and exploring. The quality of our health is in our responsibility, in each moment, with each decision. A little knowledge is a lot of power and our journey goes deeper than the superficial layer of the outside in approach. We are complex creations and our infinite beings have the potential to tap into something much more than this everyday bump and grind.

The only question left to ask is are you willing to feel the best you can feel or are you going to stay the same?


Use these Affirmations to change your mindset to a healthy one:

I love myself.

I love this body, the vessel that holds this energy.

I am gentle with this body. This body is strong and capable.

This body wants to work with me.

I love my body.

I love myself.

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