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Nutritional Gardening 

Whether is pulling weeds or design & consulting we are here to help with all your permagardening needs 

Your Garden Expert 


Holistic Nutrition + Gardening 

Snyds Holistic provides an intuitive plan that is catered to your personal needs. Specializing in hormonal imbalances and ending the trend of chronic diseases. Working together will leave you feeling confident and inspired in your food choices. You will develop a positive relationship with food, support your digestion and increase your energy levels.

Greenhouse Homestead Traditional Family Cooking
Tomatillo Plant


Free Consults + Recommendatio

In this service we will cover the...

12 Week Course 

Permaculture, Edible Landscaping & Kitchen Garden Designs

Learn to grow your own food and learn how to eat seasonally with a holistic approach to health ($45/hr).  Includes a FREE Consult. (Travel fee after 15km)

What you'll learn:

Digestion Basics

Mycelium & The Microbiome

Soil Building 

Permaculture Principles

Land Observation


Cycles & Seasons

Organic Vegetables

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