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About Snyds

Snyds is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Avid Gardener with a unique journey inspired by the rhythms of nature, like-minded community and a desire to help others thrive!

RHN Nutritionist Foodie Certified
Yoga Teacher Training
Kids Yoga Breathwork Schools

From Pain to Power: A Journey of Empowerment and Feminine Connection

Embark on a transformative journey with me,  as I share the profound narrative of my evolution – from a place of excruciating pain and disconnection to a space of empowerment, embodiment, and vitality.

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The Before:

For as long as I can remember, agonizing menstrual pain each month that left me bedridden or crippled over, fatigue, and a feeling as though I might faint from nausea was my norm. Ironically, I always had a feeling that this level of discomfort couldn't be considered 'normal.'


A Moment of Change:

The pivotal moment unfolded in 2018 while living in Ottawa... The studio where I took my yoga teacher training, a sanctuary of safety, became the space where I found the courage to listen to my body - initiating a profound conversation with my emotions. My symptoms where my bodies way of expressing its need.


The After:

In the following years, armed with new found knowledge on period health, cycle-syncing, and hormones, I navigated my way to an official diagnosis of endometriosis. Today, I stand more connected to my body than ever, not merely managing my cycle but finding beauty and value in every unique phase. Practices like yoga, meditation, dancing, and spending intentional time with my body led me out of dissociation. Overtime I developed a loving relationship with myself and rejected solutions that didn't align with my body's knowing. I learned that I was meant to feel good! 

My Invitation:

If you are in your reproductive years and resonating with where my story started, yearning to show up with energy all month long, know you are not alone and you have options!  this is an invitation. In a society that often neglects the wisdom of the female biology, if you've experienced the shackles of PMS, pain, moodiness, brain fog, and fatigue, this is an invitation to start on the path to empowerment and embodiment that is waiting for you.

Book an Appointment

 Begin with an initial consult, a personalized meal plan, and supplement recommendations. Through weekly supportive sessions to discover the joy in nourishing yourself optimally. 

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