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Manage PMS symptoms and connect with the earth's natural rhythms to live in alignment with optimal h! Join the circle who get daily inspiration or work 1;1 with me to dive into the root cause of dis-eased states like endometriosis, lyme and other autoimmune issues.

Let's chat about your goals and obstacles in a 20min Complimentary Call to see if I can shine some light\share some guidance through my education, the most updated science and personal experience.

Located in Ontario, Canada Snyds Holistic is a Yoga Teacher, Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Avid Gardener who specializes in a root cause approach to reproductive symptoms, autoimmune diseases and chronic issues. 

From online wellness coaching to helping clients develop a better relationship with food, Snyds offers online group wellness programs or one-to-one virtual training that can help you in a way that offers complete convenience and flexibility by managing stress levels, developing healthy habits, boosting confidence in a sustainable way.  The recommendations include supplements, non toxic products, immune support, sleep tech/management products, local produce and more.


Snyds has developed a simple eight step framework that's proven to rewinds the aging/dis-ease process and aligns you back on a path to health and wholeness!

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Virtual & In Person 



Food should taste good, but it should also nourish you. Since 2017, Snyds Holistic has been providing clients with a variety of health services that aim to achieve long term wellness. With a creative, dynamic, and sustainable approach to nutrition, as well as an extensive range of industry experience in fitness, Snyds guides her clients to connect deeply — the holistic way. Mind-Body-Earth.

Wholeness Essentials - 8 Step Proven Methodology (3 MONTHS)

A need-to-have program with adherence & empowerment! 

Heal your gut, reduce inflammation, and banish bloating with a comprehensive health program, includes a 1:1 intake session with custom treatment plan ($1497). Includes an Initial Assessment & Meal Plan with Personalized 90 Day Goals, Weekly sessions with Snyds and 20% off supplements. 

1:1 Transformational Yoga & Personal Development Program  (8WK)

A need-to-have program for beginners starting their journey! 


Harness the basic foundations, identify your dosha/metabolic type and learn how to live cyclically with a holistic approach to health ($799).  Includes an Initial Assessment & Meal Plan, 8 sessions with Snyds and 20% off supplements.

Nutritional Gardening 

Edible Landscaping & Kitchen Garden Designs

Learn to grow your own food and learn how to eat seasonally with a holistic approach to health ($55/hr).  Includes a FREE Consult. (Travel fee after 15km) 

Our Clients Say

Nutritional Cooking

I had a wonderful consultation with Koady on the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle that equipped me with tools on how to nurture my mind, body and soul in each on of these phases. The tools ranged from food recommendations, physical activities and awareness of times where it may be best to harness creativity or give ourselves grace during the ups and downs of life. Lots of info and lots of opportunity to ask questions! I enjoyed Koady's passion for the topic, her friendliness and how in tune the material was with nature and the flow of our bodies. Thank you!

Danah , Nutrition Client

Let's Connect!

Join our like minded community of people who value being proactive with their heal and the planet. Whether you are looking to optimize you well-being or manage chronic dis-ease, Snyds, 8 Step Proven Method to Wholeness will transform your awareness and deeply connect you with your body.


Snyds Holistic CHNC



Nestled into a woodland forest near Belwood Lake, Nature facilities the healing. You choose to show up. 

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