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Are you ready to make a change, align towards health & show up fully for yourself?

Let's chat about your goals and obstacles in a Complimentary Call to see if I can share guidance through my education, the most updated science and personal experience.

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Your Health & Wellbeing Matters!

Located in Ontario, Snyds Holistic is a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Registered Holistic Nutritionist & avid gardener who specializes in chronic diseases, feminine reproductive health & spinal energetics. Committed to forming relationships with clients looking to start their journey back to wholeness, Snyds is always there for guidance and support.

Are you looking to make a change?

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Virtual & In Person Options

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Food should taste good, but it should also nourish your body. Since 2017, Snyds Holistic has been providing clients with a variety of health services that help improve long term wellness. With a creative, dynamic, and sustainable approach to nutrition, as well as an extensive range of industry experience in fitness, Snyds guides her clients to connect deeply — the holistic way. Mind-Body-Earth.

Snyds Holistic provides intuitive plan that is catered to your personal needs.​Covering all the bases: digestion, gut/brain/heart health, circadian & infradian rhythm syncing. Specializing in hormonal imbalances and ending the trend of chronic diseases.

Working together will leave you feeling confident and inspired in your food choices. You will develop a positive relationship with food, support your digestion and increase your energy levels.


Initial Intake health history & eating habits

Review of overall lifestyle

Focus on main areas of concern

Personalized meal plan & suggestions

Foundational Package       Maintenance Package 

4 sessions at $260          12 sessions at $696

Guided Grocery Shop

$110 (Up to 1.5hrs)

Kitchen Clean Out & Meal Demo

$150 (Up to 2 hours)

(tax not included, charges may apply for travel)

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The guidance you need to track your cycle, plan for or avoid pregnancy, manage unwanted menstrual symptoms, become the woman of your dreams or raise an empowered daughter!


Initial Consult 

1:1 followup sessions (12)

Movement Program 

Cyclical Meal Plan 

Whole Food Supplements (3)

Client Portal & Self-guided Content

Community Platform 

Private Event Discount


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Stretching, strengthening, mobility, nervous system regulation... the whole deal!

Optimize your form, function & posture for sport, work or life event such as birth, an injury or after surgery. Snyds currently offers Private/Small Group Yoga Sessions upon request in your space or mine. Gather your friends or family and lets start moving 

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Koady is absolutely wonderful, she is able to coach all fitness levels and adjust the work out to all levels. Koady never singles anyone out, she just gradually goes over and helps that person. Koady never makes you feel judged and always makes the work outs fun and enjoyable. She always does a follow up on how your feeling after a work out, encourages you to choose a goal but doesn’t judge you if you don’t meet the goal, just encourages you to work towards it. Not to mention her great personality!
I Would recommend Koady to everyone of all fitness levels.

Lacey Orosz

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